A Raised Fist & A Helping Hand

What do Foodbanks need?

Many of you will know this, having raised donations or volunteered before, but for those of you new to this here’s a list of what most Food Banks are in dire need of:

1. Tinned and packet foods.
2. Tea and coffee.
3. Clothing and bedding.
4. Toiletries such as tooth brushes and toothpaste and loo roll.
5. (And I’m grateful to the sisters who pointed this out as it is easy for a bloke to miss) Sanitary Towels.
6. Nappies. Often forgotten (thanks BE ML) but an expensive necessity for parents of little uns.

Some of this is needed for basic survival, some helps you feel a part of the human race.

It’s worth checking with your local food banks as to what they are most in need of and which of these they stock. After that I would recommend making this part of your publicity, so people don’t just give you 468 tins of beans.


Author: Matt Hill Songwriter

Storytelling singer-songwriter and community artist who offers a British take on folk and Americana. Formerly known by the stage name Quiet Loner. Recent projects include a songwriting residency in a museum, an album co-written with people at a homeless project and a stint as a resident musician in a prison.

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