A Raised Fist & A Helping Hand

The People’s Festival


On a weekend when Reading and Leeds dominate the musical landscape it struck me just how different WSO is to anything which has gone before. As an independent musician for more years than I care to remember, I long ago grew tired of the corporate lock-out of the major festivals and having known people who worked at even the smaller ones I have heard first hand the contempt some hold people like me in- CD’s tossed in the bin, emails deleted before they are read, phone numbers blocked. Festivals are a gigantic money-spinner for agents and sponsors alike and they dominate the gigging year from April to September.

We are different.

We exist solely to help and we are open to EVERYONE regardless of their standing in the industry or who they happen to know. If you can’t find room at a gig near you, you simply make your own and join in! What could be better? No-one gets left out.

The drawback is that WSO is not run by a corporation able to call on the admen and PR companies who make sure you know about what they are paid to make sure you know about. WE NEED YOU. We need you to join in. We need you to share posts on Facebook. We need you to follow @WeShallWeekend on Twitter and retweet anything you see that relates to us. We need you to ‘Like’ our page at:


and share all the gig posters which land there. And most of all WE NEED YOU AT THOSE EVENTS bringing not only the provisions for food banks and help your local causes need, but your voices and applause and willingness to fill a room and have a cracking night out.

WSO is THE PEOPLE’S FESTIVAL and we can’t do it without The People.

And that means YOU.


Author: Matt Hill Songwriter

Storytelling singer-songwriter and community artist who offers a British take on folk and Americana. Formerly known by the stage name Quiet Loner. Recent projects include a songwriting residency in a museum, an album co-written with people at a homeless project and a stint as a resident musician in a prison.

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