Oct 2018. A raised fist and a helping hand.

A RAISED FIST & A HELPING HAND- 5/6/7 October 2018

Child poverty, food banks, benefit sanctions, bedroom tax, cuts to disabled support, carers in crisis, soup kitchens, rough sleeping, homelessness, mental health crisis, pawn shops, payday lenders. Why do these things exist in one of the richest economies on earth?

We Shall Overcome is a movement of musicians, artists, activists and community organisers who are angry about the human costs of austerity policies but who want to do something practical to help those affected.

Over the weekend of 5/6/7 October we’re encouraging people to organise gigs and events that will get direct help to those in our local communities who have been adversely affected by austerity policies.

Each event is used to directly help the community in which it is based. Some events ask for donations of provisions for their local food bank, others charge a moderate fee and take cash donations in a bucket. To become a part of We Shall Overcome all you need is the desire to see an end to Austerity, and the guts to do something about it – if you have, then join us.

The first We Shall Overcome took place over the weekend of 2/3/4 October 2015; it returned and ran for a full week 3rd-9th October 2016 and has since run regular gigs up and down the land. A LOT of gigs. So far WSO organisers and musicians have helped put together 750 gigs in 142 towns across 9 countries on 3 continents, raising an estimated £350,000 of cash, food, clothing and bedding for those hardest hit by austerity, and we have no intention of stopping until the need for us has passed.

#WSO2018 takes place over the weekend of October 5/6/7. If you want to join us, PLEASE get in touch. You CAN make a difference.




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  1. Cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to this year, last year was simply awesome. East Coast Homeless Outrech were invited along to the gig in Louth where a great time was had, many donations received and new friends, that continue to support and stay involved with our community work, were made that night.

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  2. Hi how are the things donated distributed and to whom…we are a small community cafe/project and would LOVE to receive some of the donated stuff…how can we do this please??

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  3. Is there a list of venues or can you tell me if there;s anything happening in the East Sussex area?



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  5. bravo, great to see. anything I can do to contribute I will. i got work on 6 music, electronic intifada anti austerity etc. tour late october so if i can fit anything in then …? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzboYO577xw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLdws4Ml-hE


  6. Hi – is there any way I could sign up to perform?


  7. Fifty bands and artists over five days – eight charities – eight bike clubs – loads of our Station family dropping everything to pitch in – everyone working together to make the world a slightly better place for people who have no help, no voice and no hope…..and we are just one little venue in one fairly small town. The sheer scale of what this has become shows that musicians have the biggest hearts and best souls in the world…thank you to Joe Solo, Stephen Goodall and the team for creating something that brought us all together. In years to come, we are all going to be saying we were part of this but more importantly we are going to keep people alive who will be able to say people who were part of this gave a shit when it was needed most. Love to all my WSO family always. xxx

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  8. How do we get to perform at a gig


  9. radio partizan – leeds based political post punk – are happy to offer our services. Be up for organising something in leeds – or travelling elsewhere.
    links – https://soundcloud.com/radio-partizan


  10. We are being severely effected by austerity and all the changes and we are both disabled. We often feel helpless but something like this makes us feel that there are others who do understand. Thank you so much it helps us carry on knowing people feel the same so a big thank you.


  11. Count me in! how do I get involved?


  12. What an event this has turned into! Well done to everyone at WSO Central and all the volunteers organising events all over the country and abroad. Fantastic.
    Dave Wood, Ulverston


  13. Greetings from the People’s Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle in the USA. We are commonly known as the People’s Music Network or just PMN. Website: http://peoplesmusic.org

    On July 16 our Steering Committee agreed that PMN support the We Shall Overcome Weekend in the following ways:

    • PMN members who already have gigs booked October 2-4, 2015, should consider making those gigs a part of We Shall Overcome Weekend. That could mean listing them on the We Shall Overcome Weekend website and Facebook group page, and/or using the We Shall Overcome Weekend logo in publicity.

    • Other PMN members should consider organizing events (concerts, open mics, sing-arounds, etc.) in conjunction with We Shall Overcome Week. Those events would use the We Shall Overcome Weekend logo in their publicity and would be listed on the We Shall Overcome Weekend website and Facebook group page.

    • PMN would publicize We Shall Overcome Weekend on its own website, official Facebook page, and Facebook group page.

    — Steve Suffet (on behalf of the PMN Steering Committee)

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  14. I run AOK Rucksack appeal a registered charity getting homeless off the streets and pack into the community…do I qualify for a grant please


  15. By standing together we hold the balance of power – if only we all would realise it

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  16. Once again, turning deaf ears to the great british people will only unite us ! I’m in !


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